5 Great Dynamic DNS providers

Are you looking for a great Dynamic DNS provider? Here we have a shortlist of the best choices of Dynamic DNS providers. All of them have excellent feature sets, good prices, and additional features that can benefit your work.

The following companies are organized in alphabetical order. You can check each one of them and see which fits your needs best. There are free and paid Dynamic DNS services. 


Cloudns.net is one of the largest DNS providers globally, and between all the services like Premium DNS, GeoDNS, and DDoS Protection, you can spot a Dynamic DNS.

Cloudns.net offers an easy setup process for various OSes and network devices.

Its free Dynamic DNS plan has 4 servers available, 1 DNS zone, 50 records, 500k DNS queries per month, and 24/7 chat support, which could be enough for many. If you need more, you can get a Premium DNS for just $2.95 per month. The premium plan will offer 1000% Uptime SLA and advanced features like Anycast DNS, DNS Failover & DNSSEC, many more nameservers, DNS records, and queries. With a total of 33 DNS locations in the world, this could be a great choice.


Dynu is a very good choice of a Dynamic DNS. It is free, and it offers 12 nameservers, spread around the world, that you can use. You can use it with Dynu’s domain (third level like yourdomain.dynu.com), or you can purchase a domain name from it.

It also has plenty of features like port and URL forwarding and most of the DNS types of records like A, CNAME, AAAA, MX, SPF, SRV, KEY, and more.

To keep your host pointing to the right IP address, you have API, scripts, or client software, so it is not hard to install.

Most of the nameservers are in the US (6), there are 3 in West Europe and 3 in Asia, so if you need nameservers in Russia, South Africa, or Argentina, you won’t have a nameserver close by. 


FreeDNS is another provider that has free and paid plans. The interface is less intuitive than the rest, but still, it has enough features to interest you. In its free tear, you have a subdomain cap of 5, the global propagation time is a bit longer than the rest (1 hour), but you will be able to use different types of DNS records and Round-Robin too.

You can use your domain name or FreeDNS’s one that it offers. Paid plans start from $5 per month and will bring faster propagation (1 minute) and a higher cap (50 for basic plan and 500 for the most expensive).


No-IP also has both free and paid plans. The free plan falls short of the competition. It does not support many types of DNS records like TXT, DKIM, and SPF. It also has a low number of hostnames (3) and a limited amount of domains. It also has the annoying process of confirming hostnames every 30 days.

But, in its paid plans, it fixes most of the issues. The cheapest plan starts at just a bit over $2 per month ($24.95 per year), and you will have a full DNS record type support, more than 25 hostnames, no every 30 days confirmation, 100% uptime, and Anycast.


As you can see by the domain name, Securepoint.de service is German. It is completely free and offers up to 5 hosts, and you can use 10 domains.

It offers IPv6 too. The IPv6 makes the NAT port and IP forwarding not needed and the whole process easier. 

It is limited in functionality, but you get decent service and customer support that will try to resolve your issue fast. 

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